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Attention Teachers!

Earn Extra Money By Offering Music Camps!

Invite your students to embark on a new musical journey!  Enhance your music program by offering one of these fun music camps and watch the level of interest and motivation in your students soar!

Some Excellent Reasons To Offer A Camp in Your Studio:

  • Students have fun while learning!
  • Teachers earn extra income by doing a summer camp, weekend camp or group lessons.
  • Keep students coming back by offering a different camp every year!
  • Set yourself apart by offering something different.

Start Your Own Music Camp

MH Music Camps

MH Music Camps presents a most exciting music history camp program now available to other music teachers.  Due to a lack of available material on the market, two piano teachers, Hunter Moncure and Sonia Haxton Tressler, have developed music camps on a variety of subjects in order to appeal to all piano/music students and teachers.

Each camp includes:

  • Ensemble piece
  • Listening analysis
  • Composition activity
  • Puzzles, games & crafts
  • Recipe ideas
  • Historic information on the musical period
  • Opportunities for students to earn prizes.
  • Lesson plans that can be adapted to all ages and levels of musicianship.
  • Student workbooks
  • Definitive teacher’s editions*

*The teacher editions also contain detailed lesson plans, recommendations on how to group students, suggestions for related field trips, and so much more! Everything you need to make your camp run smoothly and efficiently.

This innovative music camp series has been tried and perfected over several years; moreover, our camp series has been presented at various professional music organizations as well as the MTNA National Convention in Salt Lake City, UT, and has been met with great success and enthusiasm by other teachers across the nation.