Beethoven Music Camp (Teacher’s Edition)

This camp covers the Classical and the early Romantic Period of music history.  Beethoven was a bridge composer between these two periods, and the students will learn the importance he played in changing the rigid composition style of the Classical Period.  Students also learn the major differences in the music between these two periods.  They will have an opportunity to play both solo and ensemble pieces by Beethoven, learn a few German words and phrases, enjoy some food from Germany, and compose their own music following the style of Beethoven.  They will also learn a few of the games that Beethoven loved to play, design their own thaumatrope (a favorite play toy of the period), and create a camp tee shirt.

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Each Teacher’s Edition has complete lesson plans for a 5-day camp (3 hours per day) that can easily be adapted to other schedules.  Each camp includes an ensemble piece, composing activity, creative writing, crafts, and even snack ideas correlating with the theme of the camp.  This complete guide is easy to follow, and the companion student workbooks are in the same format and order as the teacher’s editions.


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