COMING SOON – The History of The Beatles Music Camp (Teacher’s Edition)


In The History Of The Beatles Camp the students learn about the contributions that the Beatles made to rock and roll and especially to the recording industry.  The students will play an ensemble piece written by The Beatles and they will also learn about each member of the band, how they grew up, and how the band was formed.  Another important thing the students learn is how hard the Beatles worked to become great musicians in order to make it big.  The students will have a chance to taste the food enjoyed by The Beatles, learn some unique words and phrases used in England, and compose their own rock and roll songs in the style of The Beatles.  Each camp member will design his or her own camp tee shirt.

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Each Teacher’s Edition has complete lesson plans for a 5-day camp (3 hours per day) that can easily be adapted to other schedules.  Each camp includes an ensemble piece, composing activity, creative writing, crafts, and even snack ideas correlating with the theme of the camp.  This complete guide is easy to follow, and the companion student workbooks are in the same format and order as the teacher’s editions.


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